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Senior in-house German to English techni…

    Transpiral provides provides a range of translation and translation-related services to direct and agency clients.   We are looking for a full-time in-house translator to work from our Irish office in Smithfield...

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Transpiral sponsors CLTW

Tomorrow one of the world's foremost conferences in the area of computational linguistics begins in Dublin. The conference is hosted by the Centre for Next Generation Localisation in the Helix in...

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LocWorld comes to town...

One of the largest tradeshows in the translation industry is undoubtedly LocWorld and this year it will be held in Dublin. John Moran, co-founder of Transpiral will be presenting at...

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Sailing was most definately not plain, as a series of mid-atlantic storms and 30ft high waves battered the Killary Flyer and her crew for days on end.

A year later the trailer for the documentary is out...

Let's hope it is smoother sailing for Transpiral II.